ENplus – the new benchmark for wood briquettes

The advantages of wood briquettes:

  • Uniform/homogenous fuel with very low fine dust emissions
  • Made from untreated sawdust with moisture of less than 15 per cent
  • High calorific value of min. 4.25 kWh/kg, higher energy density than firewood
  • Easy handling by delivery on palettes

The ENplus-certificate stands for safety and quality!


The ENplus-Briquettes certification scheme was developed by the company Deutsches Pelletinstitut GmbH (DEPI) in cooperation with briquette producers and traders. Its goal is to ensure the supply of high quality fuel, fulfilling the rigorous standards for air pollution control in Germany (according to 1. BImSchV), and which can be used without disturbances and with low emissions. In the case of wood pellets the ENplus-certification program has been successful as quality control both in Germany and internationally for several years, being market leader in this sector.

Starting in March 2016, companies that trade or produce wood briquettes can be certified by the ENplus certification scheme for the quality classes ENplus A1 and ENplus A2.

The most important requirements on fuel properties are defined by the international product standard ISO 17225-3. ENplus-certification is based on this standard. Other requirements involve quality control, consumer information on the inlet and complaint management.

Find a certified company!

Certified companies, including producers and commercial traders, are published here along with their contact information. The companies are sorted by their ENplus-ID. This list is continually updated.
If you want to be certified, you can find the application forms in the download-section.

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