Step 1 - preparation
Please download the current applicable version of the handbook for the quality certification of wood briquettes, the application form, the product notification form and the schedule of fees. You can find them in the download section.

Step 2 - application

Send the filled out application form and a product notification (including attachments) for each product seeking certification by email to Please send the signed contract by mail to DEPI.
DEPI verifies the submitted documentation and will contact you to clarify the followoing procedure of sampling. Sampling shall be done by a listed sympler. You can commission DEPI or one of the samplers listed clos to your production facilities. You find an overview of listed samplers here.
In case you as trader do not have direct access to the producer of the briquettes you sell, you can also assign a middlesman (usually the wholesale trader or importer of the briquettes).  


Step 3 - qualified sampling
The sampler visits the production facility and verifies according to qualified sampling, if raw materials and production facilities of the company are suitable and if product properties can be guaranteed by internal quality assurance. The sampler takes a sample cask of briquettes from the production facility for each product seeking certification and seals ist.
Subsequently, you or your representative send the sample together with the product notification and the order confirmation to a testing laboratory listed with DEPI.
Step 4 - laboratory analysis
The laboratory examines whether the briquettes conform to the requirements on briquette properties and trace elements and sends the results to DEPI.
Step 5 - conformity assessment and certification
DEPI verifies the conformity of the information given on the product notification, the findings of the qualified sampling and the test results of the laboratory with regard to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17225-3 and the provisions of the handbook.

Subsequently, DEPI will issue the annual invoice according to the schedule of fees. Besides the license fee for the expected annual sales volume, the invoice includes an annual company fee and a fee for each certified product. The company and product fees will also be invoiced in case of non-conformity.

DEPI sends the test reports and if applicable, the certificate, the certification seal and the quality seal for the certified products. Subsequently, the name of your company, the assigned ENplus-ID and the certified products are published on the webpages and
In the first and second year after certification you fill in the product notifications and notify DEPI of modifications. After that, DEPI sends you an order of analysis for each certified product, which you send to the notified testing laboratory, together with a cask of the certified product and the product notification. The testing laboratory analyzes only the main briquette properties, not the trace elements. 

In the third year you need a so-called re-certification. For this, a qualified sampling shall be done by a listed sampler once again (step 3), followed by the laboratory analysis (step 4) and the conformity assessment by DEPI (step 5).

Companies certified according to ENplus-Briquettes and their products can be found here.

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