The ENplus-Briquettes certification places the certified company under the obligation to follow several requirements on the internal quality management:

  • Monitoring of raw materials concerning quality and adequate storage; the raw materials must conform to the allowed raw materials for the quality class (see the table below)
  • Adequate technical equipment
  • Implementation of a quality management system (including complaint management and designation of a quality manager)
  • It must be ensured that non-conforming briquettes are not sold as certified products.
  • Moisture and raw density of the briquettes as well as the mass of the small casks must be inspected and documented on a daily basis during production.
  • The requirements for the product declaration on the imprint must be followed. Small casks must have a product declaration inlet or imprint.
  • Briquettes must be kept dry (including protection against moisture by condensation).
  • Certified briquettes shall only be transported by palettes of sufficient size, and these must be fixated by tension belts.

Allowed raw materials for ENplus-certified wood briquettes by quality class 

ENplus A1

ENplus A2

1.1.3 Stem wood
1.2.1 Chemically untreated wood residuesa)

1.1.1 Whole trees without roots
1.1.3 Stem wood
1.1.4 Logging residues
1.2.1 Chemically untreated wood residuesa)

  1. Insignificant amounts of glue, lubricating grease and other additives from wood production that are used in mills during production of wood and wood products from natural wood are permissible if all chemical parameters of the briquettes are conclusively within the limit values.

Certified wood briquettes must comply with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17225-3.

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