Heating with wood is popular – no surprise, considering that relaxed evenings can be combined with active climate protection at the fireside. Wood is a renewable raw material that burns efficiently and clean in modern ovens. Yet nowadays, many consumers do not have access to their own wood or they lack the space to store it. Therefore briquettes as fuel are becoming even more popular.

Wood briquettes consist of pressed saw dust and have a minimum diameter of 12 mm. Several varieties from different manufacturing processes are available on the market: rectangular or cylindrical, massive or with a hole.

Wood briquettes can be used in virtually all firing installations for firewood. They have a high calorific value and can easily be stored. In addition, as a modern, dry fuel they have very good combustion and emission properties. Like all wood fuels, wood briquettes are almost CO2-neutral and therefore contribute to an environment-friendly heat generation.

Starting in 2016, briquettes will be available in consistently high quality on the market through the new ENplus-Briquettes certification scheme. ENplus is already known internationally as the leading certificate for wood pellets.

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