Advantages of ENplus-Briquettes

You can find various qualities of wood briquettes even in the German market, which is mainly due to the used wood quality.
Currently the international standard (ISO 17225-3) defines 3 quality classes for wood briquettes: A1, A2 and B. In order to ensure adherence to the standard the ENplus wood briquettes certification scheme  was developed for the two highest quality classes ENplus A1 and ENplus A2. Besides requirements on the product and the raw material it also defines requirements on briquette production, quality control, labelling and packaging.
Compared to uncertified briquettes certified wood briquettes have the following advantages:

  • High uniform quality through product certification and regular product analysis
  • Mandatory quality management system during production

Certified briquettes have an inlet on the package. It provides information on how many briquettes correspond to firewood, indications on use and contains the contact data of the certified company. 

Example: Inlet for a cask of wood briquettes

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