1. What is ENplus-Briquettes?

ENplus-Briquettes is a certification scheme for wood briquettes. It is based on the international product standard ISO 17225-3 and supplements it with requirements on quality control and quality management. The aim of the certification program is to ensure the supply of high-quality wood briquettes to consumers.

  1. What quality classes are defined by ENplus?

In the ENplus-Briquettes certification program there are two quality classes: ENplus A1 and ENplus A2. These are based on the international standard ISO 17225-3. The essential difference between these quality classes is the maximum allowed ash content, which is 1.0 per cent for ENplus A1 and 1.5 % for ENplus A2. Wood briquettes of both quality classes are suitable for all furnaces for firewood. ISO 17225-3 sets a limit value of maximum 3.0 % ash content for class B briquettes. In Germany, briquettes that exceed an ash content of 1.5 % are prohibited by the 1. BImSchV, therefore class B was not included in ENplus-Briquettes.

  1. How can I identify ENplus?

The ENplus quality seal is depicted on the imprint on the package or on the package foil. The quality seal contains an individual Product-ID that ensures the traceability of briquettes. Certified companies and their products are listed on our webpage.

  1. Do all ENplus-certified briquettes conform to the same requirements worldwide?

Yes. Wood briquettes are certified according to ENplus on a worldwide scale in order to ensure a similar quality. Thereby ENplus guarantees the international supply of high-quality briquettes.

  1. Where can briquette producers and traders apply for ENplus certification of briquettes?

In order to receive the ENplus-Briquettes certificate an application must be submitted to the certification organization, the Deutsches Pelletinstitut (DEPI). DEPI awards the ENplus certification seal and signs a license agreement with the certificate holder.

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