How to heat with wood briquettes


In Germany there are at least 10 million individual one-room fire installations. Wood briquettes can be used in fireplaces, open fireplaces and tiled stoves. Wood briquettes can also be used in fireplaces with water heating, ovens that are connected to the warm water system and the central heating of a house.

Proper use (especially following the manufacturer´s instructions regarding use and cleaning and the use of adequate, dry fuels) of the respective fireplace influences the combustion behaviour. Adequate handling results in an optimal combustion and reduces fine dust pollution to a minimum.
Buying wood briquettes

  • The package imprint should include information on weight and the company.
  • Look out for ENplus-certified wood briquettes. This will guarantee you a high-quality fuel.
  • A low emission firing is only possible with maximum moisture of 15%. This corresponds to 12% moisture in firewood. ENplus guarantees this limit.

Storing wood briquettes

  • Wood briquettes should be kept dry and stored separately from the firing installation.

Starting a fire with wood briquettes

  • To light wood briquettes only adequate igniters should be used, such as lighter cubes, satchets or fire-lighting wool. Due to the danger of deflagration no liquid fire accelerants should be used! You can also use kindlings. These are sold in mesh bags and are similar to small wood logs.
  • Put the firelighter on the grid, stack one or two layers of kindlings and light the fire. Then put two to three wood briquettes on top.
  • Briquettes from mechanical briquetting presses will swell during combustion. In order to prevent them from wedging they should be broken in two before firing.
  • Do not use cylinder-shaped wood briquettes in open fireplaces! The burning wood briquette can roll out of the fire.
  • Caution: open the air vent to the maximum before lighting the fire and follow the manufacturer´s instruction.

Fireplace setting

  • Follow the manufacturer´s instructions!
  • The fire is regulated by controlling the air vent: an open air vent increases the combustion speed, closing the air vent slows it down and increases emissions.

Putting more wood briquettes on the fire

  • Put more briquettes on the fire only when visible flames are small. Drag the embers into a pile beforehand.
  • When using briquettes from mechanical briquetting presses, the fire chamber must only be half-full! Otherwise the briquettes may wedge and swell.
  • Be careful when putting briquettes on the fire. We recommend using fire tongs to prevent flying sparks.

 After combustion, put the cold ashes only in fire-resistant containers such as iron buckets. Dispose ashes in household garbage. 

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